‘Smart’ – what does it really mean?

13th March 2014

Are ‘smart’ devices more intelligent?


Smart connected devices and technology is one of the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry today.  But what does ‘smart’ really mean?  The true meaning of the term ‘smart’ is likely to be an electronic device or system that can be connected to the internet, used interactively and is to some extent intelligent.  

A staggering number of ‘smart’ devices and technology are entering the market everyday, and whilst many come with innovative features, some are rewriting the definition of ‘smart’; using it to encourage more sales where smart equals better.  

This infographic looks at the ‘smart’ landscape, and how it has gone from a technical device with advanced capabilities to an everyday consumer staple. At this rate of growth, it is not going to be long before the entire world is inter-connected through so-called ‘smart’ devices.

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